Trig TT21 & TT22 transponders

The TT21 and TT22 a two part transponder with a compact control head; this includes an inbuilt altitude encoder - saving further space and expense. A separate hardware box can be installed anywhere in the airframe. The mounted control head is only 54mm deep and can be fitted in panel using a 57mm round hole or smaller compact mount, the unit ships with the necessary fittings for both install options. The TT21 unit is highly efficient and is ideal for use via an auxiliary battery in gliders, balloons and foot launched flight.
The TT21 is a popular compact transponder with 130 watts nominal power output. This is a class 2 transponder which meets international standards for 1090ES ADS-B Out (TSO C166b). The TT22 has 250 watts nominal output power which makes it a class 1 transponder meeting the same standards.

TT22 / TN72 with TA70 antenna is Trig’s ADS-B bundle which meets FAR91.227 for experimental and light sport aircraft. The bundle comes with the TN72 GPS receiver, a TA70 WAAS GPS antenna, installation kit and manuals. For the glider community a similar bundle has been created to include the TT21 with TN72 and a TA50 GPS-antenne. Fit ADS-B Out for enhanced visibility and safety.

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