Tow bar

These tow bars allow you to tow the glider by a car equipped with the ISO-50 ball towing connection. We have elegant solutions for light, heavy and very heavy gliders. Heavy and very heavy gliders are considered to be: gliders with water ballast in the tail, with MTOW over 525 kg, double seaters, open class, self launching gliders. For other gliders as club, standard or 15m class gliders you can use the tow bar Light.

The tow bar for light gliders is connected to the tail dolly by two hooks and carries the tail of the glider in the air. The tail wheel or tailskid holds in a steel holder with adjustable position and height. The installation is very easy and safe. The tow bar is made mainly of anodized hardened aluminium, the weight is only 5.5 kg. Its design enables you to fold it into small dimensions when stored. It is equipped with a safety ISO-50 connection with handle. The parts needed for adjustment of the tailwheel holder and the new longer axle for tail dolly wheel are part of the delivery.

The tow bar system intended for heavy gliders does not carry the tail of the glider in the air, it only pulls and steers, the glider rides on the tail dolly. The tow bar connects to the tail dolly by a robust steel tube hinge with closing lock. To mount-dismount the towing bar, simply rotate it up and pull it out from the tail dolly hinge. The Tow bar Heavy is telescopic and can be shortened for transport very quickly and easily. Simply push the lock button and push together. The tow bar is mainly made of anodised aluminium, the highly stressed parts are made of zinc-galvanised steel. The tail dolly has to be modified before use - simply install the connecting adaptor with hinge tube between the tail dolly body and the dolly wheel. This part is shipped with the bar and is included in the price. Optionally a tail lifting adapter is available.

The Tow bar XXL was designed after the request of pilots, who have problems with a soft surface. Standard combination of the tow bar for heavy gliders and common tail dolly is not practical, one needs to achieve lower pressure at the surface. The tow bar XXL is ideal for the combination of very heavy tailed gliders such as self lauchers, open class and gliders on rough surfaces of an airfield. The Tow bar XXL does not stress the tail dolly as much as the other types of tow bars, but takes more space in a car or trailer while not in use. It is delivered with the tail lifting adapter and the new longer M12 axle for tail dolly.


Tow bar Light
-Length extended: 152 cm
-Length folded: 90 cm
-Distance axle - tail wheel min.: 36 cm
-Distance axle - tail wheel max.: 60 cm
-Weight: 5.5 kg

Tow bar Heavy 160 - 180 - 205 (optionally with tail lifting adapter)
-Length extended: 160 cm - 180 cm - 205 cm
-Length folded: 110 cm - 120 cm - 132 cm
-Weight with tail lifting adapter: 8.6 kg - 8.8 kg - 9.0 kg
-Weight without tail lifting adapter: 7.0 kg - 7.3 kg - 7.6 kg

Tow bar XXL (optionally with flat free full PU foam wheels)
Length extended: 205 cm
-Length folded: 135 cm
-Weight with tail lifting adapter: 12 kg
Wheel diameter: 27 cm

€ 269,00 € 222,31