IMI Fuselage dolly

The Fuselage Dolly consists of steel frame with adjustable height and of exchangeable GRP fuselage cradle upholstered with high quality felt. The wing cradle is fitted with 2 anti-slide adhesive rubber foams inserts at sides. Pulling the fuselage onto the Fuselage dolly is simple due to this solution, the fuselage has good sideward stability against revolving due to the rubber foam inserts. The steel frame is fitted with 4 castor wheels, all of them equipped with brakes and direction locks, what is necessary for good stability while pulling the fuselage onto the dolly and during the maintenance work at the fuselage. The quality of manufacturing is very high, the steel parts are precisely CNC machined and welded, steel parts galvanised or powder-painted, GRP fuselage cradle painted with gelcoat. The height is adjustable in 4 steps (4 positions: 250, 300, 350 and 400mm above ground) and enables to retracting or extending of the landing gear also by gliders with high main landing gear or the maintenance works at the landing gear.

- Very solid steel frame, load up to 300kg
- Single seater and / double seater version, exchangeable fuselage cradles for different types of gliders
- 4 castor wheels 125mm diameter with brakes and direction locks for perfect stability
- Fuselage cradle upholstered with high quality felt, equipped also by anti-slide rubber foam inserts
- Endstops for fuselage cradle tilting, angle +-15°

- Adj. height: 250, 300, 350 and 400 mm
- Length: 61 cm
- Width: 64 cm
- Maximum load: 300 kg
- Weight: 13 kg
- Felt thickness: 4 mm

€ 1.126,63 € 931,10