IMI One man rigging system

The One Man Rigging Systems (OMRS): Wing holder made from glass reinforced plastics with red gelcoat, covered with 10mm black adhesive Neoprene foam. 4 main bolt locations for different adjustment of center of gravity position. Clever universal shape both for thick and thin airfoils or not universal flat profile shape for the most modern types of gliders. Removable securing arm adjustable in two axis with spring-knobs.

Special non-universal wing holders for Arcus doubleseater and modern flapped single seaters (Ventus 1-2, ASW27, ASG29, ASH26-30-31, JS-1, Nimbus 3-4, Quintus, Antares, Shark) are available. For those pilots, who want to have a fully universal One man rigging system for club use or sharing with friends, the older universal wing holders are also available and compatible with above named gliders, only with aesthetic limitations (gap between wing and holder etc.).

Body: anodized aluminium profiles, telescopic design, 400, 480 or 520N builtin gasspring for fast, easy and stepless heigth adjustment, 300mm run (360mm doubleseater, 240mm microlight version).

Axle and wheels: removable axle, sliding to sides for 8cm each side (15cm double seater version), with blocking screw. Tube tyre wheels 270mm diameter in single seater and 320mm in double seater version, removable. Bigger 320mm wheels for better ride in the really rough terrain optional also for single seater version

Finish: fibreglass parts polyester gelcoat, steel parts galvanized, aluminium parts anodized - no black hands, top finish.

Dimensions: very easily foldable for transport in trailer, folded only 85x50x18cm, weight app. 14kg (95x50x20cm, 16kg double seater version).

Operation: height adjustable from 70 to 100cm (80 to 115cm double seater, 60-94cm microlight version), stepless adjustable, enough for most modern gliders, also for uneven surface. 

Also available is a combination of the single- and doubleseater version which is optimized for open class gliders with small wing cords and relatively high wings (for example: ASH25).


The electric POWER-RIGGER was specially designed for heavy twoseaters and heavy open class gliders since there was big demand of our customers for such solution in our high quality of fabrication, which is already well known. We decided to make the device without compromisses, the basic design was developed and engineered to be overdimensioned for high loads of wings far over 100kg since the very beginning. Of course we offer also the smaller POWER-RIGGER for any modern singleseater, it uses the same overdimensioned chassis and actuators with only minor modifications (lower height and smaller width and of course another wing holders). All types of POWER-RIGGER bodies are compatible with all available wing holder types of IMI-Gliding, we have wide offer of 6 types for different glider classes today. The actuators were developed in cooperation with one of the best world electric actuator producers according to our specification of stroke, strength, high speed operation, inbuilt limit switches and also durability (metal gear, IP66 protection).


- 2 axis, 2x custom made high quality linear actuators, 1500N max. force each, metal gear
- big stroke - 260mm vertically and horizontally, very useful for uneven surface
- high speed 12mm/s (10mm/s under full load)
- IP 66 water protection on actuators
- removable battery 12V/2,9Ah, for more than 1hour of intensive use
- charging in body via charging socket or outside the body, 2nd battery available optionally
- intelligent automatic charger included (230V), 12V car charger available optionally
- battery voltage indication on the control panel for quick check of battery voltage
- 2x remote control transmitters with big knobs and perfect transmitting power
- 2x manual toggle switch on the body for secondary actuator control without Remote control transmitters (if lost, damaged, battery of transmitter empty)
- sensitive RC reciever unit in the body in IP66 water protected case
- singleseater / twoseater version (3 different heights of the body and 2 widths of the axle)
- 6 types of compatible wing holders for different glider classes available (including trainers)
- solid aluminium construction for max. load 125kg, tested with 180kg load without damage of actuator or structure - completely dismantable in seconds by 6 pins, no screwing
- the POWER RIGGER body fits into any IMI wing holder, simple storing and transport
- huge air inflated wheels 320x100mm for any terrain
- parking brakes for both wheels for use on the concrete/tarmac surface

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