LXNAV FlarmBat+ (PowerFlarm) portable anticollsion unit

FlarmBat+ is an ideal club compact portable standalone device based on the PowerFlarm technology. It has some additional features compared to the original FlarmBat.
These include: integrated WiFi, TCPIP connection (Skydemon), Configurable audio output and an external configurable push button.
All previous optional software and hardware options are now standard. These include: IGC + ENL approval, PowerFlarm 2nd antenna license, RFB and an Integrated ADS-B receiver.

It comes with integrated FlarmLED indicator, Bluetooth module which works with Android and iOS, internal battery (up to 10h) and GPS module. Optionally available are the second Flarm antenna, IGC flight recorder with internal pressure sensor and ENL registration. The FlarmBat is based on PowerFLARM technology. The small size of the FlarmBat means it can be simply installed almost anywhere in the cockpit. The SD card slot allows downloading IGC-files and firmware updates.

€ 2.165,90 € 1.790,00