Air Com externe main unit VHF-radio 8.33kHz/25kHz 6W [AC-1]

AIR Com (AC-1) is a next generation radio with 8.33kHz channel spacing. It offers functions like an audio equalizer, GPS based frequency selection, or controlling a mode-S transponder. The radio is very compact and easy to install.

Display and usage

The ACD-57 has a large display in its class and simple, robust controls which are perfectly usable even in turbulence or with gloves. The color display performs extremely well in sunlight and shows all information large and clear. Letters and numbers are significantly larger.


AC-1 uses modern audio technology. The equalizer improves clarity by adjusting the sound output. The digital design also makes a broad variety of functions possible, like intercom, audio mixing, or individual adjustments to sound input and output.

GPS Interface

With the integrated GPS interface, a list of nearest airports or airspaces can be displayed and corresponding frequencies can be easily selected.

Radio and transponder integration

Combination of a radio and the control of an external mode-S transponder in a single compact 57mm instrument. To facilitate this, a mode-S transponder (currently only the VT-01 transponders are compatible) can be connected to the ACD-57 parallel to the AC-1. Directly connecting the mode-S transponder and the AC-1 to the ACD-57 means that both instruments together only need a single small 57mm cutout.

Highlights (some of the following features require an ACD-57 or a VT-01 Mode-S Transponder):
- Controlling Radio and Transponder in one easy to use interface
- Brilliant, large color display
- largest in class, perfectly sunlight readable
- Easy intuitive user interface
- Airport Database, GPS Interface, Nearest Frequency Function
- Frequency/Channel Memory
- Channel History
- Dual Watch with separate volume control

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