USED BXP6401-2 transponder

The BXP6401-2-(XX) transponder is designed as a single block unit and is intended for installation in the instrument panel of aircraft. The dimensions correspond to the standard instrument size with a 57 mm diameter. All control elements are located on the front panel of the unit . The two 25-pin unit connectors for connect ion to the aircraft interwiring, the 5-pin subminiature connector for the Address Module AM6400-1-(XX) and the TNC antenna socket are located at the rear side of the unit.
The BXP6401-2-(XX) has a white LCD display and is a Class 2 transponder with 150W output and certified up to 15,000 feet. This unit was used as company loan-unit and includes a BE6400 blind encoder as well as an AM6400 address module. No ADS-B. No connector included.

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